** Please be advised, the Soil Declaration Form must be completed before a deposit can be accepted. Complete Soil Declaration Form
Complete Soil Declaration Form

ESG Drysdale

31-79 Becks Rd Drysdale VIC

Dry Fill
Wet Fill
Drilling Mud
Grassy Fill
Rocky Fill
$5 /per m3 +GST
$8 /per m3 +GST
$60 /per m3 +GST
$12 /per m3 +GST
$8.5 /per m3 +GST

What We Do

We accept Clean fill material only and have a minimum 6 LCM charge. We cannot accept bricks, concrete, metal, asphalt, asbestos, rubbish, contaminated fill or garden waste etc. Prior to acceptance please ensure you have completed the Soil Declaration Form. This form can be found at www.soildeclaration.com or accessed via the green click through’s on our website. To enter site, you must have a working UHF radio. The UHF channel is posted on signs when you enter the site, or ask the employee in the site office. Payment can be made via credit card, or you may apply for an account for end of month invoicing. If you are interested in opening an account, please ask our friendly staff. We look forward to seeing you soon! For any other questions, please call 03 8878 9188.
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Wednesday 22 Jan
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Thursday 23 Jan
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Friday 24 Jan
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